Mushrooms in almond butter sauce

What this recipe is:

Easy meat alternative

Deliciously creamy veggies

Quick mushroom stir fry

Takes under 15minutes

Healthy (healthy-ish)

I love mushrooms and I could have them everyday in some meal or the other. Sadly, in our household I am the only one eating the mushrooms, which means I put in the least effort when I am cooking for moi. Least effort doesn’t compromise on taste, well not always. It’s so easy to overcook veggies and also so easy to create something delicious.

This is the perfect 15 minute dish and pair it up with a bowl of rice and you shall have one satisfying meal.

What you will need:

  1. Roughly squared onion slices ( half cup)
  2. Red chilli (2-3)
  3. Chopped garlic (1 tsp)
  4. white button mushroom (200g)
  5. Red pepper slices ( half)
  6. Soya sauce (1 tbsp)
  7. Tomato sauce or pasata (4tbsp)
  8. Almond butter (3tbsp)
  9. Cornflour slurry (make a paste with 2tsp cornflour in one 1tbsp water)
  10. Water (1/2cup)
  11. Green chilli (2)
  12. Fresh coriander (optional


  1. Heat oil in a pan; add the garlic and let it turn slightly brown. Add the red chilli,onions and the tomato sauce. Cook this down for about 5 minutes till the onions turn translucent but not overdoing it, because you want the bite to the onions.
  2. While your onions are cooking, scoop out some almond butter in a bowl and microwave it for 2 minutes to soften it up. You should have a paste/ slurry mixture. You can add some warm water to loosen the butter.
  3. Add in the sliced mushrooms, season with salt. Drizzle the soya sauce and pour over the almond butter paste.
  4. Add the cup of warm water and stir well. You can add upto another cup of water to make the sauce a bit runny and keep it lighter if you prefer.
  5. Add in the peppers and the corn flour slurry ( mix well when adding the slurry to prevent lumps) and cook this on high heat for 5-6 minutes.Do not cover the pan as the mushrooms will release water and turn mushy.
  6. Finish off with the chillis and fresh coriander.

Serve up with some white rice or have it on its own! If you want, you can also check out the video recipe on my IGTV. Make sure you are following me!

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