Creamy chicken masala

I am almost always trying to come up with some fusion or a new way to make a chicken curry- not because anything is wrong with basic chicken curries but I need the variety! Also, anything that takes very little ingredients has me hooked especially for midweek meals and this creamy chicken masala is one I keep making.

What you need:

1. 800g chicken drumsticks
2. 2tsp salt
3. 1/4tsp sugar
4. 2tsp red chilli flakes
5. 1tsp paprika or kashmiri red chilli powder
6. 1tsp roasted crushed fenugreek
7. 1tsp garlic paste
8. 1tsp ginger paste
9. 100g double cream
10. 3tbsp tomato puree
11. 1/2cup diced onion
12. 1/4cup oil
13. 1/2cup warm water
14. 2tsp butter or ghee


1. Marinate the chicken drums with the paprika, garlic, ginger, 1tsp salt, 1/2tsp fenugreek and 1tsp tomato puree and set aside for 10mins.
2. Heat up oil in a pan and fry the drumsticks for 6mins on each side.
3. Add the chilli flakes and onions in the same oil and saute until soft. Add rest of the tomato puree and 1/2cup warm water along with the sugar and salt. Cook this in med low heat for 5mins.
4. Add the drumsticks in the gravy and cook for 15 mins in med high heat.
Add the cream, bring the sauce to a boil and finish off with rest of the fenugreek and butter. Check for seasoning and add more salt if needed

Most of the time I like to keep this curry heavy on the gravy/sauce but sometimes I would add a little more water to have a thinner gravy. Just remember to check your seasoning and you may need more or less salt depending on your preference! Don’t skimp on the butter if you want that glossy gravy- maybe for the aesthetics!

This tastes great with some pulao or even butter naan!

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