Creamy Garlic Prawn Pasta

Before we jump to the recipe, we all need to agree that prawn and garlicy anything is just delicious!! As much as I love my prawns I really do despise all the prepping. I mean if you are fussy like me and want them de-shelled and de-veined Yes you can buy them all prepped and pre-cooked but I find those don’t taste as good. I am sure you can use the precooked ones in this recipe too and it will be fine and only the fussy eaters will probably have a thing or two to say!

This won’t be your healthy pasta dinner so please proceed with all the calories caution!
My not so secret secret ingredient is mustard. I don’t know if its the Bengali in me that can’t avoid adding mustard when cooking seafood. It really takes the taste to a whole new level and finishing the cooking of the pasta in the sauce really helps the pasta soak up the flavours.

What you need:

  1. 300g prawns
  2. 170ml double cream
  3. 100ml whole milk
  4. 100g butter
  5. 5 cloves of garlic thinly sliced
  6. 1tsp paprika
  7. 1.5tsp salt
  8. 1tsp ground black pepper
  9. 2tsp Dijon mustard
  10. 3tsp lime juice
  11. 1/2 red pepper cubed
  12. 1tsp red chilli flakes
  13. 400g spaghetti
  14. boiled pasta water


  1. 1. Marinate the prawns with the lime juice and set aside.
  2. Add 50g butter to a pan along with the garlic and red chilli flakes. Fry this in low heat for a couple of minutes.A
  3. Add the double cream, milk, paprika, mustard and salt. Cook the sauce in low heat for 5-6mins. It may feel like the milk has split once you add the mustard but don’t worry!
  4. Add your prawns and cook for 7mins and if pre cooked then only coat in the sauce for a couple of mins.
  5. Sift the prawns out of the sauce, add the half boiled pasta ( I didn’t boil my spaghetti completely) and finished rest of the cooking in the pasta sauce along with some pasta water.
  6. Add the prawns back to the spaghetti along with the cubed red peppers, fresh coriander and black pepper

It’s not an everyday pasta dish but one you need on days you need some indulging! Enjoy!

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