Creamy Garlic Prawn Pasta

Before we jump to the recipe, we all need to agree that prawn and garlicy anything is just delicious!! As much as I love my prawns I really do despise all the prepping. I mean if you are fussy like me and want them de-shelled and de-veined Yes you can buy them all prepped and…

Creamy chicken masala

I am almost always trying to come up with some fusion or a new way to make a chicken curry- not because anything is wrong with basic chicken curries but I need the variety! Also, anything that takes very little ingredients has me hooked especially for midweek meals and this creamy chicken masala is one…

Spicy tandoori wings

Who doesn’t love chicken wings right? These spicy wings are juicy, have that crunch to it and are also so easy to make! Ready in under 30mins! What you will need : 14 chicken wings 1tsp garlic paste 1tsp ginger paste 1tsp kashmiri chilli powder 4tsp Rajah Tandoori spice mix 2tbsp lemon juice 1tsp salt…

Veggie Chowmein

We love all kinds of noodles and making veggie chowmein with wholewheat spaghetti is my healthy twist to the traditional chowmein. I came about making this when I was trying to finish a pack of wholewheat spaghetti that was too close to its end date! I love how we don’t even miss the egg noodles…

Instant Pot Roast Chicken

Who doesn’t love a good roast chicken dinner! I love the traditional baked chicken but the one in the Instant Pot (IP) is extra special because the chicken is just so soft and the bonus is : cooks so much faster!

Cajun Chicken Penne

This creamy cajun spiced pasta is one of my favourite!I love mixing the tangy passata with the rich creamy bechamel  for the base of the pasta and the cajun spices just lifts the whole thing! This dish comes together in 20mins and is the perfect indulgent meal for the weekend or the week!

Mushrooms in almond butter sauce

What this recipe is: Easy meat alternative ✅ Deliciously creamy veggies ✅ Quick mushroom stir fry ✅ Takes under 15minutes ✅ Healthy (healthy-ish) ✅