Creamy garlic prawn pasta

Can we all agree that shrimp or prawn anything is just delicious!! As much as I love my prawns I really do despise all the prepping. I mean if you are fussy like me and want them de-shelled and de-veined Yes you can buy them all prepped and pre-cooked but I find those don’t taste…

Leek & Prawn Stir Fry

Stir fries make for a great weeknight meal! Leek stir fry on its own with some rice is great but even better when you add some prawns to the mix!

The T-kabab

I hope you love kababs as much as I do! Meat free and fuss free easy kababs on the menu!

Crusted salmon with noodles

Fish. A staple in the Bangladeshi diet; steamed rice and any fish fry or curry with lentil is what most traditional Bengali meals are made of. Fish of course is not the only protein we limit ourselves as the nation loves to feast! I love fish but it can be quite tedious to prep and…