The T-kabab

I hope you love kababs as much as I do! Meat free and fuss free easy kababs on the menu!

Thai-licious spicy chicken

I like to believe Thai curries and Indian curries are cousins who don’t necessarily get together much but have a lot in common! (Maybe I am projecting 🙈🙈) Thai curries are mild and aromatic, and there is absolutely nothing simple about a Thai curry. Here I am trying to butcher a basic Thai curry with…

The Marie Pudding

Easy and fuss free recipe for all the dessert and not so dessert lovers out there!

On top of the spaghetti!

“On top of spaghetti, All covered with cheese I lost my poor meatball, When somebody sneezed! ”                       This popular 1960s children song which I watched on a VHS along with likes of Do-Re-Mi and Brother John, was my first  visual encounter with the saucy…