About Me

I can’t believe I am actually finally doing this! A bit nervous and confused, very me whenever I find myself doing something out of my zone. I don’t say comfort zone because comfort would be staying under the duvet with a coffee and a book, now that doesn’t happen very often!  So before I get carried away let me get this out of the way: I love food and I luuurve cooking! I absolutely love playing with ingredients and recipes which most of the time turn out quite edible and sometimes just barely make it thus those will not make it to the tales here. One disclaimer out of the way:  I am not good with words so I am not really someone with good writing skills but I still enjoy it; think of a person who likes to sing and will sing on any given opportunity but everyone around them knows how horrible they sound! I admire people who pursue what they love and I hope I can too do what I love despite all the negative voices in my head.

All I want to really say is that this blog is a reflection of what I love doing which is mostly cooking hence the recipe stories that may follow or sometimes may just be universal rants and bants!

If you are someone who just started cooking, then you may find my recipe-stories helpful and if any of you pros  ever stumble upon, then you may just be entertained! A win-win for all!  Oh, one more disclaimer out of the way, I tweak a lot of recipes and come up with things I can work with thus create a recipe or sometimes it will just be  a version of what I have watched on Youtube or read off the many cook books from my humble collection all jumbled up in one dish. So I won’t be solemnly taking ownership of a recipe unless I actually WRITE IT OUT LOUD neither will I be able to give credits for every single one ( when I say I watch Youtube, read  “watch a lot of Youtube” and hence all the “jumbling”). Now you may think so there is no ingenuity to your recipes so why bother reading them, well I may not be the first to tell you how to cook the pasta but I will reveal odds and bobs you can do to make it taste GOOD.

I hope you have a good time reading my posts and I would love to know if you do try out any of the recipes. So the foodie in me signing off  cook something up!

One Comment Add yours

  1. J. Marino says:

    Love the recipes! Such wonderful combination of foods and easy to follow!

    Looking forward to reading more from you…and learning more traditional recipes!


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