Chicken Karhai

This is my lazy chicken karahi! I lovee desi food for all the variety we have! We use the same spices but will have such different variations to a curry: karhai, bhuna, পাতলা ঝল এর তরকারি or even a do-paiza! The types of curries are endless!

So, the recipe.could not be simpler! All you gotta do is marinate and then cook on high heat for 20mins and you are done! The best part about this karhai is that you don’t even need to brown any onions but you can add some chopped red onions for the crunch when you are adding the peppers!

What you will need:

  1. Chicken on bone 900g
  2. 4tbsp yoghurt
  3. 1/2tsp turmeric powder
  4. 1.5tsp kashmiri chilli powder
  5. 1tsp coriander powder
  6. 1tsp cumin powder
  7. 1tsp garam masala powder
  8. 1/2 black pepper
  9. 1.5tsp salt
  10. 2tsp tomato puree
  11. 1/2tsp roasted dried fenugreek
  12. 1tsp ginger paste
  13. 1tsp garlic paste
  14. 2tbsp butter or ghee
  15. 1/2cup mixed peppers
  16. 2tsp lemon juice


1. Marinate the chicken with all the spices except the garam masala powder and dried fenugreek. Let it sit overnight or atleast 30mins before cooking.

2. Add the chicken to a hot pan and cook on medium-high heat for 10mins.

3. Add 1/2cup water to prevent the chicken from sticking to the pan and cook in medium heat for another 10mins before adding the peppers. Saute the chicken and peppers for a few minutes – don’t overcook the peppers!

4. Melt the butter or ghee in a separate pan, roast the fenugreek in it and pour over the chicken once cooked. Finish off with garam masala.

Enjoy this karhai with some warm naan or plain pulao!

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